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Why collaboration matters for global companies

Business models across many industries are being rapidly redefined as new entrants harness new technologies to gain a competitive edge. But how well are new technologies going to help longer-established companies, if their existing technologies are presenting challenges?

In a survey of knowledge workers, almost all of respondents said they have felt overwhelmed by information to the point of incapacity.

Clearly, companies won’t get the most out of their employees if they suffer from incomplete communication, conflicting or fragmented information, barriers to collaboration, and feeling in the dark about the progress of shared tasks.

Are you nodding your head to some of this?

There is a way of overcoming these problems and becoming nimble once again – as well as responsive and competitive. It’s by way of a tool called Social Collaboration.

“Social what?” we hear you say.


Social Collaboration is actually a simple concept: it’s the joined-up efforts of multiple stakeholders in pursuit of a common goal. Social Collaboration is common on the internet because available technologies make it easy to share, develop and analyse information.

In short, Social Collaboration improves performance.

A crucial concept behind Social Collaboration is that “ideas are everywhere”. People share ideas in an open environment, and the discussion is not limited to only those who have domain knowledge. All ideas are valued.

Social Collaboration tools are essential to an organisation’s Digital Transformation strategy because they simplify how people find, use and share information. They also ease how people work together, track progress, attend and conduct meetings, and at the end of the day get work done.

This is particularly important for distributed or global companies with a workforce spread across various locations and working in different time zones. A report by McKinsey on the issues facing global organisations found that these companies believed the knowledge, skills and experience across their workforce was invaluable but they suffered from a major problem: transferring the expertise learned in one market to another.

Take the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of hearing implants – Cochlear. Five years ago Cochlear identified the need to enable better collaboration between their global offices and laboratories. They especially wanted a solution that could host their entire global user base.

Cochlear chose ISW to provide the solution, and the heart of the technology from ISW was IBM Connections, IBM’s Social Collaboration software. Cochlear’s staff of 2700 worldwide can now call upon internal expertise easily and consistently, create communities of expertise, and collaborating across the room or across the globe.

The potential rise in productivity from social technologies for highly-skilled, knowledgeable workers critical to growth has been measured at between 20-25%. In addition, companies using these tools report an average 36% better customer service.

To help your organisation’s Digital Transformation journey, we’ve created an infographic outlining how you can expand your business with social collaboration tools, download it here.

If you’d like to see first-hand how you can empower your workforce with social collaboration tools at our Connections Ignition workshop, to register your interest, click here.


Announcing Kudos Badges 2.1.1 - Connections 4.5, Mobile, Analytics & More!

Team Kudos have been working like bees over the last few months to bring even more features to Kudos Badges, which in January scooped an array of awards at IBM Connect in Florida, USA.

Now with the formal release of Kudos Badges 2.1.1, we've taken onboard a range of client requests and integrated a suite of improvements you are sure to enjoy too. Most importantly, 2.1.1 offers full support for IBM Connections 4.5!

Brand new formal features announced in 2.11 include Kudos Analytics, Kudos Awards, Kudos Mobile, as well as full support of the IBM Notes 9 Embedded Experiences. Read on for more details:

Connections 4.5 Support

Many of our clients around the world are already making to move to upgrade to IBM Connections 4.5, so ensuring Kudos Badges can not only support but take full advantage of the new capabilities in 4.5 has been a big priority. We love Connections 4.5 and wanted to make sure you could upgrade with the confidence that Kudos Badges is fully supported.

To start with:

A great new feature of IBM Connections and the IBM Notes/iNotes 9 Social Edition is the addition of Open Social Gadgets and support for embedded experiences. We've taken advantage of this to deliver a great user embedded experience within Connections and the Notes/iNotes clients (or anywhere that supports Open Social and embedded experiences for that matter!).

So what does this really mean for your users? Well in simple terms it means that they can interact with Kudos Badges in the context of their Notes client. This also means all Kudos Badges, Kudos Thanks and Kudos Awards are displayed in the Discover activity stream and you are able to like and comment on a Kudos related news item!

IBM Notes 9 - Embedded Experience

You can now experience Kudos in IBM Notes 9 with email notifications and an Activity stream widget.

Kudos Analytics

Kudos Analytics is the ideal light weight reporting and analytics tool for IBM Connections focused on user adoption.

Utilising data from both IBM Connections Metrics Applications and Kudos Badges, Kudos Analytics gives you the numbers you need to prove ROI, make decisions and plan your success. Looking at both Connections and Kudos, find out the answers to some key questions:

  • How many people are using Connections?
  • Which applications are being used most (Files, Communities etc)?
  • How much is each feature in each application being used?
  • How is each Community being used?

Kudos Analytics also really easy to install.

Kudos Awards

We've had some great feedback from our clients that really love Kudos Thanks. Users are telling us that Kudos Thanks in itself has created a positive culture of recognition and praise across their users, as well as making Connections a destination and driving further adoption. So we thought we could take this to a new level, and by popular demand have created Kudos Awards.

Kudos Awards allows management to acknowledge great achievements amongst their workforce, even integrate well-known workplace awards such as Employee of the Month. Users can build and customise an awards and recognition program to suit, such as certifications that have been achieved, awards for tenure or years of employment, and many other examples.

Kudos Awards integrates very nicely within IBM Connections, leveraging the Connections Profiles and Activity streams to promote users achievements.

We've Gone Mobile

Now you can 'give Thanks' and keep up with your Leaderboards while on the road! Kudos Badges Mobile can now integrate seemlessly with the new Connections Mobile app from IBM.

Kudos Badges Mobile provides seamless integration between IBM Connections Mobile app and Kudos Badges, without users having to install or regularly check-in with a separate app. We've also leveraged the authentication via the Connections App so users don't need to logon again - How neat is that!?

Find out more

To discover how simple it is to implement Kudos Badges into your workplace, or to learn more about how Kudos accelerates performance and productivity in your workplace, check our Youtube Channel or the website at We're also available on twitter: @KudosBadges


IBM Connections 4 and Kudos Badges!

With the release of IBM Connections 4 we are very pleased to also release full support for Kudos Badges and Kudos Thanks on Connections 4.

Our Kudos Team has been working busily away for the last couple of months quitely working on ensuring Kudos is fully supported on Connectiosn 4! In addition though they have been excitedly taking advantage of new capabilities in Connections 4 such as embedded experiences and the OpenSocial Activity Stream. Some awesome new features such as being able to "Like" and Comment on badges and awards that users have received from Kudos. These capabilities really do add significant value to our mission of encouraging User Adoption of IBM Connections! We look forward to working with our clients all around the world to upgrade to Connections 4 in the coming weeks!

So to show off the new capabilities we prepared the following video and screenshots of Kudos Badges for IBM Connections 4!

Kudos Badges Leaderboard for IBM Connections 4Kudos Badges Profiles for IBM Connections 4Kudos Thanks for IBM Connectoins 4

If you would like to trial Kudos Badges (on either IBM Connections 3 or 4!) let us know!


Simply Inspiring - Outside the Inbox

Simply inspiring!

I have often been found talking to clients about "Get Out Of Mail Jail!". Email was definitely the killer App of the 90's. It empowered us to communicate quickly, efficiently, with many many people. However over time it has become a burdon for many of us. Receiving hundreds of emails per day, many useless, some useful, but many not effective, we have created these silos of information where knowledge is trapped in individuals emails. We have all become slaves to our email, reactionary in our work rather than being in control of how and what we work on.

Here is a person that has taken on the challenge of getting out of mail jail. A person that has realised that email is no longer the killer app or the best way to communicate and collaborate. I am incredibly impressed by Luis's realisation that he can work in a better way and educate the rest of us on how to go about it. He has truly leveraged Social Business as a new way to work and the evidence is there to see that it is a better way to work.

I feel lucky to have corresponded with Luis via social networks on a number of occasions and I congratulate him on what he has achieved. The new site Outside The Inbox is well worth spending some time viewing. I am inspired to continue to make my work more social and continue to transform our business into a social business. While email still has its place in day to day work, it is certainly not the destination!