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Inform Australia (a.k.a. AusLUG) call for Speaker Abtracts

The awesome team organising Inform Australia 2014 (previously AusLUG) have announced the new dates for the event, being Sept 4th & 5th Sept in Melbourne. This will be the 4th annual event and it is great to have it back in Melbourne for the 2nd time.

Inform recently announced that the event is open now for speakers to submit abstracts. Having been fortunate enough to speak at the previous events I can only encourage everyone to have a go and share your knowledge. Developers, Administrators, Users, Managers, Business people, IBMers....all sessions ideas are welcome and the audience tend to be great and interactive. Connections, Domino, Sametime, Traveller, Smartcloud, Talent Suite and Kenexa, Digital Experience, Forms, Portal, Worklight, User Adoption, Success Stories, technical or business, or even just a general topic related to collaboration.

So go on, give it a go. I guarantee you won't regret it. To submit an abstract just head over to the Inform site, register, and then just submit a session from your Profile page.


AUSLUG Sessions!

Just noticed the awesome organisers of AUSLUG have updated the web site to list some of the sessions. I am very pleased to see two of my proposed sessions around IBM Connections have been accepted!

Connections out of the box is AWESOME, but just a few tweaks will make it a PERFECT fit for your organisation
There is a lot that can be done by Administrators without needed to change any core Connections code: Want to customise Profiles to add custom attibutes? Want to hide some fields or make some read only? Want to customise Search and what is displayed in search results? Want to populate extra data from data sources other than your LDAP? Want to populate photo's? Want to change the interface, add your logo, change the colour theme, turn features on or off, hide specific widgets? Add some widgets? or do you want to get hard core and customise the API so it contains your extra data? Or even get really hard core and customise the JSP's of Connections?
The business value of Social Software

This session outlines the real business value of social software with specific use cases of IBM Connections 3.0.1. The session will firstly outline a number of business outcomes that can be achieved by leveraging social software and then outline some key strategies to driving user adoption. This session will be done using LIVE PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTS for Demos.
I am excited to see that Mat and the AUSLUG team are pulling together what seems to be an outstanding event. I am looking forward to spending a few days with fellow Lotus/ICS evangelists and learning from the other speakers.
It is also great to see such a strong communities of partners get behind the event and the Australian community. We all do amazing things with IBM software so it will be great to leverage and learn from each others.
Now I had better get on and start preparing my slide decks!