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iWildfire interview on

Luis Benitez has post an interview about iWildfire on He has also provided a great review on his blog.

Thanks for the covereage Luis.

We are very excited about the uptake of iWildfire to date. We are even more excited about our soon to be released iWildfire Pro that is going to have a heap more features.


iWildfire for IBM Connections Files integration with other Apps

In the current version of iWildfire ( you can access, search for, download, view, and make comment on Files. In iWildfire Next we will be adding the ability to also edit and upload files as well as create new files.

The first step in achieving this is to get iWildfire to identify which other Apps on the device can be used to edit Files. In the first screen shot I opened a .doc file and as I have GoodReader, Dropbox, and Pages installed I can use these Apps to view or edit the documents. In the second image I opened a .xls file and it knows that I can open it in GoodReader, Dropbox. However in this instance it knows I need to use Pages. Neat!

So the next steps is now to get iWildfire so it is recognized by the other Apps such as Pages and Numbers so we can upload the documents we create and edit!

This will make my iPad so much more useful by being able to use Connections Files as my store for files rather than other Apps such as Dropbox. I can't wait to get it done!


iWildfire 1.1 for IBM Connections is available on AppStore

We have just published to the AppStore iWildfire 1.1 for IBM Connections. This minor release fixes a few bugs as well as has some minor improvements to some features. It also "teases" some of the upcoming features in iWildfire Pro.

We have had a great start to iWildfire. I will post in the next day or so some interesting stats around the download of iWildfire to date.


iWildfire goes live in the AppStore

Very please to let you all know that iWildfire is LIVE in the AppStore and it is FREE!

Please check it out and feel free to rate it and leave reviews!

Visit the iWildfire for IBM Connections site for more information.

Or search for iWildfire in the AppStore.

ISW has only just started with iWildfire. Shortly we will be developing iWildfire Pro. iWildfire Pro will do just about everything you can do within Connections. Create Activities, Create and edit Blogs, Upload and Edit Files, Modify Wiki's, Receive Notifications, Interact with Communities and more. We are keen to get your feedback on the first release of iWildfire so if you have any great ideas for iWildfire Pro let us know.


iWildfire web site goes live......we are getting close!

We are still waiting on final AppStore approval for iWildfire for IBM Connections however in the meanwhile we are pleased to provide you with some more information with the launch of the iWildfire web site.

There is plenty of information and screen shots that show the capabilities of the app. You might also help us spread the word of the impending release via the social links provided on the site.

Follow out Twitter account to be the first to hear when the App becomes available.