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Wildfire 1.4.1 Released on OpenNTF - Facebook Fixed

For all those Wildfire and Facebooks fans you will be glad to know we have resolved the issues around Facebook Feeds and Status Updates.

Wildfire 1.4.1 is available at

For those that arn't familiar with Wildfire it is a Notes 8.5 Sidebar plugin that enables you to post status updates to many different social networks at once. Sametime, Connections, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. It also allows you to group your social networks into different types or categories and create a single feed/life stream that aggregates together all these networks.


Wildfire 1.4 Released on OpenNTF - Mac & Linux now supported

I am pleased to let you know that we have just released Wildfire 1.4 on OpenNTF. This release finally fixes some of the issues we have had with the Mac and Linux clients as well as a few other requested improvements.

New features in WildFire V1.4.0
• Linux & Mac Support (including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, HTML Links etc)
• HTML Links open in Default Browser
• Facebook Authentication improvement
• Facebook Feeds from “Mobile Web”
• SocialText Signals improvement
So check it out and please provide feedback/report bugs/request new features and we will see what we can add for 1.5 down the track. You can get it at .

WildFire! 1.0 Released on OpenNTF

How many social networks are you a part of? Got Sametime and Connections? Maybe you have multiple of each. Got Twitter as well? Facebook? Wordpress? Bebo? Tumblr? etc etc etc. I bet you have work related networks, personal networks, Yellowverse networks even!

Well I am very pleased to announce the release of WildFire 1.0 our free Notes 8.5 sidebar plugin just in time for Lotusphere!

Most of us have many social networks that we try and keep up to date but it is getting harder every day with so many networks. Wildfire! allows you to update mulitple communities in one go! You can add all of your networks in the Wildfire application and select which ones to send an update to. You can group them, sort by type, and even view your twitter lifestream from the one interface.

WildFire is a Lotus Notes 8.5 Sidebar Application to Update Status's across a wide range of Social Networks including Bebo, Lotus Sametime Communities, Lotus Connections, Facebook, GTalk, PingFm, Plurk, Sametime, Tumblr, Twitter, Wordpress and more!

You can also have mulitple of each network type!! WildFire! can be downloaded either from OpenNTF - or the ISW web site - . ISW has decided to contribute back to the Lotus Community so the source code is available on OpenNTF as well. We are hoping this is the first of a few sidebar plugins that we release during 2010!

Congratulations to Andrew Welch and the guys at ISW for their work on this project.