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How many users access IBM Connections on mobile devices? - Kudos Analytics

Just posted a quick demo video of Kudos Analytics. We often get asked if we can report on how many users are accessing IBM Connections via a mobile device. The video demonstrates this and a few other related reports.



Australia rocking the IBM Champion program!!!

Just woke to the news that I have been selected again as an IBM Champion for Social Business for 2016, now for 5 years running. Woot!!!! Thank you IBM. The Champion program is an awesome group of experts and evangelists around the world and I am always humbled to be part of this group. More so thru the program I have developed some great friendships with people all around the world. It is always great to catch up with them at the various events and knowing I have people I can reach out to in so many countries to say hi is a wonderful thing.

And the even more exciting news is that Australia now has 2 IBM Champions with Karen Hooper being also selected, I am sure in main for her awesome work leading the AusLUG/Inform committee. Great to see another Aussie being selected and I am sure there are more to come in future years. Congrats Karen and well done.


Infinite scrolling Activity Stream in IBM Connections

Following on from Jay's neat code for the Activity Stream in IBM Connections, he has added an additional tweak to enable infinite scrolling of the Activity Stream. Update is the same as the last post, just use the new code.


Jay's awesome auto-magic News Feed tweak for IBM Connections 

The other day Jay was looking for something to do with his spare moments in between finalising Kudos Analytics Cloud and Kudos Boards Mobile (come on Jay you don't really have spare time;) and he made an awesome tweak to our internal deployment of IBM Connections. I thought it was worth sharing so here it is:

There's no mechanism in Connections by default to notify people of new posts in the News Feed. Forcing users to refresh the page, or click on 'Discover' / 'I'm Following' to find out if something new has happened. 


I had an idea to solve this problem with a little javascript injection into the header.jsp. 

A couple of hours of coding and testing later, it actually worked as planned and is now implemented in our production environment (feedback welcome). 


What does it do?

A - Shows a button with 'X New Posts' at the top of the news feed (screenshot below)

B- Updates the page title, which lets you see if there are any updates without switching to the tab. (Also makes the tab glow if it is pinned - as seen on Facebook, Instagram, etc.)



The script first checks to see if it's in Homepage on load. You don't want to make a request every X seconds from every page in connections.

It then periodically polls the RSS feed for the current stream to retrieve any entries since the time the page was loaded. (Thanks to Mr. Andrew "API" Welch for his input here)

If it finds any new entries, it shows a bar at the top indicating the number of new updates and, my favourite part, updates the document.title allowing you to see if there are any updates without the need to actually switch to the tab

You might need to refresh your homepage for it to take effect. And you might have to wait till there are some new posts as well :) 

 Code to implement this:

  1. Put the activity-stream-notifier.jsp file in the same folder as the customised header.jsp. 
  2. Add the following line at the end of your header.jsp:​  --%><%@ include file="./activity-stream-notifier.jsp" %><%--
The results are as per the below screenshot:


Well I think that is pretty neat. Hope you can make use of it!






INFORM (AusLUG) 2015 - Call for Speakers and Sponsors

Well the team from AusLUG are back and they have announced INFORM 2015 will be running in Melbourne on 11th & 12th June. AusLUG has run 3 times previously in Sydney, Melbourne, and then Brisbane.

So if you are working with IBM Collaboration Solutions - Connections, Notes/Domino, Forms, Portal, Smartcloud then you simply must attend! There is a great community of customers, partners and IBMers in Australia around these technologies so collectively we have a lot to learn from one another.

Each time it has had a great attendance so it is awesome that we have it back in Melbourne again. I am sure there will be two full days of great content......which brings me to the first point:

CALL FOR SPEAKERS - Don't hold back. We want to hear about your experiences. IBM speakers, Partners, Customers, Overseas, Local. It is all good. Have an idea around user adoption of Connections? xPages Development, Extending and Integrating, Bluemix, Forms Experience Builder, Business Sessions, Technical Sessions, or even something from left field that might be interesting. All ideas are welcome. If you are a new speaker don't fret! It is a great crowd of like minded people and I find more a discussion than a presentation. If you are not sure feel free to contact me and I would be happy to sound off with you about your idea for a session. For me I would love to see a lot more local content. I know for a fact that there are a lot of you out there with great knowledge and experiences to share. This is the place to do it!

Here is the Speaker Invitation - All you need to do is Register Here and then log into AusLUG to Propose your Session.

Now onto the second point:

CALL FOR SPONSORS - Let me cut to it. ISW has sponsored AusLUG every year as a Gold Sponsor and it is worth it. We mingle with our clients, we meet new prospects, we demonstrate our capabilities, and at the end of the day we want to support this community of ours. These events do not happen without the sponsors, and I have found that the attendees support the sponsors by listening to what we have to offer. IBM have backed this years event as a platinum sponsor and ISW is committed to going Gold again. The organisers of the event do it for the love of it but they need some $ to make it all happen. So if you have offerings that compliment the IBM Collaboration in Australia then this is the event for you to get in front of users, customers, partners, and IBMers that are continuing to invest in the technology. So for more information here is the Sponsorship Pack.

So get involved. Lock in the dates. See you there!