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Integrating Lotus Connections with WebSphere Portal - Part 3

Ok so now for Blogs. In past entries we have integrated Homepage, Profiles, Communities, Search, Dogear, Wikis, Files, and Activies. Blogs initially proved to be a challenge but wasn't that much harder in the end.

The main differences with Blogs are that:

1) You need to use a slightly different script.

2) You need to update the JSP's but also the Blog Theme templates

3) You need to use wsadmin to update the timestamp and restart the server.


So the script to use is:

<script type="text/javascript">

#if($model.getRequestParameter('FromPortal') == 'true')
document.cookie="FromPortal=true; path=/";
if(testCookieForFromPortal()) {
document.cookie="FromPortal=true; path=/";

function testCookieForFromPortal() {
if (getCookieValue("FromPortal") == "true") {
return true;
} else {
return false;
function getCookieValue(cookieName) {
var retVal = "";
var i = document.cookie.indexOf(cookieName);
if (i != -1) {
var iVal = i + cookieName.length + 1;
var j = document.cookie.indexOf(";", iVal);
if (j < 0) retval = document.cookie.substring(iVal);
else retval = document.cookie.substring(iVal,j);
return retVal;
// the themeTemplateURL variable should be set to the URL defined
// as the src attribute of the <script/> tag generated by the
// WebAppIntegrator portlet.



Update the following files:







Update each Theme by adding the script to the _header.vm file . The themes are located in the blogs.was/themes directory.


Update Timestamp:

Next you need to update the timestamp for the configuration files:

and then restart the servers.

And that should be it!


So we now have all features with the ability to add the ?FromPortal=true paramater to the URL and the Top Navigation Banner will disappear.

Once this is all done integrating with Portal is really easy using the Web Page Portlet. Simply add the Portet to a page and point the configuration of the Portlet to the appropriate URL. When users access Connections within the Portal the top navigation automagically disappears and you can use the Portal navigation instead. I found setting the Web Page Portlet to a height of 1100 meant that you never get a scroll bar in the Portlet.

The next step for me to to try and do the same with the Web Application Integrator Portlet which will mean that we effectively wrap the Portal Navigation around Connections rather than use the iFrame that the Web Page Portlet method users. This is fairly easy but first I need to build our custom theme into the Web App Integrator. Might be Part 4!


Integrating Lotus Connections with WebSphere Portal - Part 2

 Ok so couple of days ago was Home, Profiles, Communities, Search, and Dogear. Today Activities, Files, & Wikis.


Wiki's is slightly different in that it doesn't import the JSTL Core Tag Lib which is used in the script hence we need to add it. So add the script to the following file:


and then also add:

<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %> to the first line of home.jsp


Files is the same as Wiki's in that we need to add the tag library as well.




Now activities is also slightly different. You still need to add the above script to the jsp however there are two body tags to add it to. There is also a change required to banner.jsp.

So first add the usual scripts from yesterday directly after each of the <body> tags in the mainpage.jsp


Now at first this didn't work and it took me a while to realise that the "lotusbanner" was not being updated to display="none". The reason for this is that unlike the other features the DIV for the lotusbanner only contains a Class reference and not an ID reference. Hence as the script sets id="lotusbanner" to display="none" it doesn't work. So we need to update the banner.jsp (same directory as mainpage.jsp) to have:

<div id="lotusBanner" class="lotusBanner">

It then works a treat just like the other features.

 URL to link Web Page Portlet to: https://<activities-server>/<activities-context-root>/service/html/mainpage?FromPortal=true


So all that is left is Blogs. Blogs is proving to be slightly more difficult due to the Theme templating. So that might make up Part 3 to come.


The man that should have used Lotus Connections

I know a lot of people will have seen these before but I thought listing them together was worthwhile. They are excellent at highlighting the business benefits of Lotus Connections.

Video 1 - Get out of mail jail and file sharing.


Video 2 - Blogging & Wisdom of the Crowd


Video 3 - Wiki's


Video 4 - Communities


Video 5 - Activities


Video 6 - Microblogging


Video 7 - Tagging & Expertise Location


Video 8 - Research & Leveraging Existing Organisational Knowledge