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IBM Web Experience Factory 7.0.1

IBM has announced the release of the IBM Web Experience Factory 7.0.1 (Formally know as IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory):

IBM® Web Experience Factory 7.0.1, formerly IBM WebSphere® Portlet Factory, delivers the fastest and easiest way to develop multichannel exceptional web experiences across desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms.


  • New builders
    • Builders for mobile, multichannel solution development including desktop browsers, smartphones, and tablets
    • Builders to incorporate analytics into applications to ensure the feedback loop is closed, allowing business owners to track and adjust success based on application usage
    • Builders for IBM Web Content Manager allows easy integration of content and authoring capabilities in custom portlets
  • Increased developer productivity, with many new features and improvements to make it easier and faster for developers to build exceptional web experiences
  • New production code and samples with full source code providing a robust library of both learning and production examples


My take on this:

  • The trend of dropping the brand names from products is now becoming consistent across more than just Lotus.
  • The enhancements reflect the move to support more than just Portlets. The IBM Web Experience Factory can be used (and has for a while) to build widgets and web applications that go broader than just Portlets. In particular is the support now for Mobile Application Builders that can use the same code base  across a range of devices.
  • This move to more Mobile capabilities is in addition to the upcoming WebSphere Portal Mobile Theme that is in beta (I will post about this soon I promise)
  • Also new builders for analytics applications. Business Analytics is a very fast growing space (hence why ISW has invested so much becoming an IBM Business Analytics/Cognos partner this last year) and IBM is smart to enable this capability in the Web Experience Factory.
  • I am glad they didn't call it the IBM Exceptional Web Experience Factory;)

More information here