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IBM Notes Sidebar App for Kudos Badges

Following from our earlier annoucement about the Kudos Badges Mobile App for IBM Connections, we are also pleased to announce our latest IBM Notes Sidebar App/Widget for Kudos Badges. The integration of IBM Connections and IBM Notes 9 Social Edition really meant it was a no brainer to provide the same level of integration with Kudos Badges. Now users can access their Kudos Leaderboard from within their Notes client, view their Badges and Thanks peer to peer rewards, as well as post Thanks to their colleagues all within the context of the Notes client.



But wait....there is more to come....Now that we are into IBM Notes Social Edition, with the awesome new integration points we will have another (I think the most important) annoucement coming up soon! So watch this space!


IceTV Guide Via Notes Sidebar

I just purchased a BeyonWiz DP-S1 PVR. It is a Dual HD receiver with 250 GB drive, wireless access, etc etc. For those in overseas etc reading this it probably isn't a big deal but PVR's are relatively new devices in Australia. In particular ones with downloaded TV program guides. The great thing about the BeyonWiz is that it supports IceTV's Interactive service which allows you to program the recorder via a web site. The Beyonwiz then periodically connects to the IceTV service and downloads the current schedule of things to record. So for someone that travels as much as I do and constantly rings home to ask for something to be recorded that is just great.

But it gets even better. IceTV have a service for mobile devices at that allows me to log on from a Blackberry browser for instance. But even cooler is that using my Lotus Notes 8.0.1 Sidebar I have created a Widget that automatically logs onto the site and shows me the TV Guide. I can simply select what I want recorded from my sidebar and the Beyonwiz is updated!

Now that is a great use of the Notes 8 Sidebar Widgets if you ask me!

Image:Brownies Blog - IceTV Guide Via Notes Sidebar