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Sametime Status - Invisible

Just a thought that it would be great to have a sametime status of Invisible for all those times when you still want to log on but don't want people to see you. ie You might want to access a sametime bot or just do some work at night without being hassled.

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IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Entry and Standard Edn

IBM are releasing on 3rd Dec IBM Lotus Sametime Release 8. They now have Standard and an Entry edition. 


Sametime 7.5.1

Sametime moved ahead in leaps and bounds in 2006 and it is good to see this is going to continue in 2007. I know that our organisation is leveraging Sametime 7.5 in many ways and it has now become a core part of our everyday toolset. Some neat new features coming on Sametime 7.5.1 announced at Lotusphere:

  • Tabbed Chats - How many time do you have 3-4 open chat sessions on the fly. Starts to crowd your screen eh! Well Sametime 7.5.1 has the answer. Tabbed Chats. As you can see from the screenshot you can now consolidate all chat sessions into once window with a convenient photo of each person. Or if you don't use photos it just lists the people on each tab. I will be interested to see how it managed 3+way chat sessions but I think it is a great idea.

Image:Brownies Blog - Sametime 7.5.1
Image:Brownies Blog - Sametime 7.5.1
  • Peer to Peer Video - With Sametime 7.5 we had voice capabilities. Well now there is also Peer to Peer video. There was a great demo of this in the Lotusphere Opening General Session that showed you can have videos of 2 or more people in the conference as well as videos of devices on the network. It just groups the video images at the bottom of the Sametime client. Neat!

    Image:Brownies Blog - Sametime 7.5.1
    • Integration with 3rd party vendors - There were a number of 3rd party integrations show such as integration with Cisco kit where you can instantiate phone calls direct from the Sametime client. While we don't have this kind of back end equipment in place I am sure this will be great for large enterprises.


Sametime Server on Linux

IBM has announced that they will soon be porting Sametime server to Linux. So with the release of the Sametime Linux client (due in Sept with Sametime 7.5 and now in beta) and then in the first half of next year, the release of Sametime server on Linux enterprises will be able to adopt a pure linux instant messaging environment if they so choose. I am not aware of any other vendor that has offered IM support on Linux. Choice is such a great thing and definately puts IBM ahead of its competitors.;1174295407;fp;8;fpid;0