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How many users access IBM Connections on mobile devices? - Kudos Analytics

Just posted a quick demo video of Kudos Analytics. We often get asked if we can report on how many users are accessing IBM Connections via a mobile device. The video demonstrates this and a few other related reports.



One last pre IBM Connect thing....Kudos Analytics!

Well we have had a lot of news to get out before Connect. However as the saying goes "but wait their is more"!!! We are pleased to release our latest addition to the Kudos Badges suite.....Kudos Analytics!

We have been working with IBM Connections since very early in the products life and we are ALWAYS asked the same questions from our clients - How many users are doing xy&z? Can you show that trending over time?

With IBM Connections 3 this was always difficult as there was only the limited Metrics and Statistics that Connections provided out of the box. There were some clever things we could do to capture them daily and export them to spreadsheets where clients could then develop their own reports etc from that. However it was fairly limited and a bit of a pain really.

Then with IBM Connections 4 IBM introduced the new Metrics Application and integration with IBM Cognos to deliver quite and advanced reporting and analytics capability. This is great stuff however lots of the clients we speak to consider it too heavy for what they need and they don't really want to spend the days required to get Cognos going and integrated, yet alone provide additional server infrastructure to do so. It is really just a bit too heavy.

So enter Kudos Analytics. We have been providing some basic reports as a part of Kudos Badges around usage and adoption for quite a while however with the introduction of the Metrics Application we are able to do a lot more detailed analysis. Have a look at the video for a demo.

We have found that most users of Connections really just want some light weight reporting that is easy to access and install. Kudos Analytics takes about 10 minutes to install and get started. This is just the first step and we are planning on adding Kudos Analytics capabilities for individual Communities so Community Managers can see what is happening in their realm. We would also love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what else is needed so come visit us at IBM Connect pedestal C49!!