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Wildfire 1.5 is now available

Very pleased to announce the next release of Wildfire. It has been a long time coming and we have resolved a few of the requests people had asked for.

Most notably for me is better support for Win 7 64 bit. We had an issue here where it kept forgetting the accounts that had been setup. Sorted!

As of a couple of days ago we had 3500 downloads of Wildfire from OpenNTF. We have no idea how many of these then get installed across a user base and how many are just single installs but we would love to hear if you are using Wildfire so please let us know.

Here is the list of improvements:

New Preferences Location

We have made quite a big change to the way your settings are saved in this release.  WildFire! no longer uses a configuration file to store your accounts, passwords and groups.  There have been a number of posts about issues with the plug-in loosing settings, which came down to the randomisation of the configuration file locations on some machines. This meant that the configuration file for WildFire! could get 'lost'.

By moving the configuration/preferences for WildFire! into the users Personal Address Book (Contacts/Names.nsf) as account documents, we have also gained the added benefit for roaming users that your account settings will follow you from machine to machine, and they they are backed up as part of your normal Notes back-up routine.

We have automated the process for transferring the accounts from the configuration file to your PAB, WildFire! will do this automatically for you the first time you load the new version, and the configuration file will be backed up into your operating system's user 'Home' folder as "StatusUpdaterConfig.old".

Twitter Direct Messages:

One thing that a couple of users have noticed missing in the past few weeks is the absence of Twitter Direct Messages (both sent and received) in your WildFire! time-line.  After some investigation, we found that there wasn't actually any issue with the code, Twitter had just changed the Auth process through their API to explicitly require Auth for access to your Direct Message stream.

The solution is quite simple, open your WildFire! preferences, choose your Twitter account(s), and choose to "Get PIN" again.  This will re-authorise WildFire! with the new access level that will again mean you can see, send, and reply to Twitter direct messages in your WildFire! plug-in again.

Feed updates:

With some changes in the SocialText, Facebook and Connections API's, we needed to modify the way the streams from those accounts were being parsed by the plug-in, if you've noticed some additional information appearing in your WildFire! feeds lately, those are resolved with the upgrade to WildFire! 1.5.

Facebook enhancements:

WildFire! 1.5 now has the ability to both "Comment" on and "Like" posts being retrieved from your Facebook account(s).

IBM Connections enhancements:

WildFire! 1.5 now has the ability to "Comment" on posts being retrieved from your IBM Connections account(s).

Usability improvements:

Should a post not be successfully sent to any account, we now give a warning that this has happened, and maintain the text of the post in the "Status" field, so that you can post your comment again later, we also inform you which account was affected.

Inactive Accounts:
Should you attempt to send a reply, comment, like, etc... to an account that is currently not activated for posts (eg: Twitter is active, but Connections is not and you attempt to post a comment on that Connections account) the status will flash, and the progress bar not move at all as a reminder for you to activate the correct account.


IBM Execs discussing OpenNTF and even ISW's Wildfire gets a plug

ISW's Wildfire gets a plug at 4min 55 secs. Brent Peters, IBM Vice President - Development - Notes/Domino/DWA/Expeditor comments that Wildfire among others add great value to OpenNTF.

We are still working on fixing that Mac and Linux release of Wildfire!