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50 years of play doh

XBox, Playstation, iPods, electric this, computerised that, I still think the best toys are those that were invented years ago and will stay around for ever.

You know things like Lego. Things were you use your imagination and make something. I burnt many hours playing lego as a kid. And mum never had to say turn that thing off!

Well one of the greatest has just turned 50. Play-Doh. So come on which of you didn't have play-doh when you were a kid? Not many I would suggest. And still most kids nowadays get some play-doh at some point.

from the article:
In 1965, U.S. Patent No. 3,167,440 was granted to Noah McVicker and Joseph McVicker for a “plastic modeling composition”, (which was originally intended to be a wallpaper cleaner) now called Play-Doh. Little did they know that they had created the substance of childhood memories as well as many a childhood meal, unfortunately. Play-Doh persists as one of the most well known and popular childrens “toys” with over 2 billion cans sold since its invention in 1956. As you attempt to clean your children’s Play-Doh out of the carpet, the car, and the bathtub; take a look back with us at how it all got started.