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Domino V10 Launch App Dev Demo of REACT App & Office365 Integration

We are pumped! Domino V10 is released in Frankfurt and today we are in Japan for the launch here. Check out the awesome video from the opening session. Reminds me of the Domino R5 launch!
So leading up to the Domino V10 launch we have been working with the IBM Domino V10 team to create a demo of a heritage Notes App being modernised as a REACT App running on Node with Domino still in the backend as the database store. We also helped the team to integrate their Demo Domino 10 apps with Office365 in a seamless manner.
The really awesome part of this is that organisations using Notes & Domino can modernise their applications with no disruption to their daily business processes, and they can pick of the high value apps (using Application Insights!) to modernise components or the full apps themselves. You can bring to your heritage Notes apps more modern cloud based development models and designs as well as integrate other external services to enrich your apps for both Desktop and Mobile users.
So here is an example of what we have done and part of Luis's presentation at the launch. We took a typical Notes App that we have used for decades. Our Notes based CRM. Everyone has one right?:
Sorry about the bluring but this is a real app used every day and is essential to our daily work. A critical business app. I am sure you have some of those in Notes still right!
Now see the same app as a REACT App running on Domino and Node. This time however it is contained in the context of IBM Connections:

Pretty cool eh! Yes that is a Domino App. Everything the users do in this app is immediately reflected in Notes client as it is the exact same database. Using Domino as a NoSQL database! 
So what about if the client has moved to Office365. Yes that happens, but the apps always hang around in Notes. What if you could take that same app and deliver it in the context of Office365 with SSO and seamless integration into the Office365 navigation:
Now that is really cool and kind of like magic!
So how does this all work:)
- Well Domino V10 is the foundation of course
- We then created Node.js authentication layer that handles oAuth user authentication and generations LtpaToken2 cookies as required. This enables us to have Single Sign-on.
- Then the app itself is a React.js front end application and implements the header/navigation interface using 'office-ui-fabric-react' and obtains user info from ms graph using '@microsoft/microsoft-graph-client'
We then use some of our own magic - The ISW Office 365 apps loader (Help us think of a better name if you can please:)
- Light weight wrapper around web applications to provide familiarity and continuity in an Office 365 environment
- Uses Microsoft's fabric ui and graph apis to recreate an Office-like header bar with user details and menu.
- Enables single sign-on across websphere and domino via LtpaToken2 generation.
- Office users can be mapped to domino/websphere users
- Enables hosted applications to update browser url, title and favicon
So that is the basics. Hope you like it. We are very happy to share more around what we have done if you would like some more information, or even if you are looking for a partner to help you modernise you Notes Apps then also get in touch:) You can reach out to me directly or just head over to