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Back from Phuket

Alas I am back at work from Phuket. We had the most fantastic time. Great resort, great weather, awesome food, shopping (wow did we shop!! The MBK Centre in Bangkok was covered inch by inch). Daily routine was along the lines of get up around 8:30am for a dip in the pool, huge breakfast, walk along beach, looking around Patong, markets etc, massage, beer on the beach, little lunch maybe, relax by the pool in afternoon heat, nap a little, read a little, head out for dinner and some night life, and then do it all again.

Some key highlights - Elephant Trek, the Novotel Resort in phuket is just fantastic, the Thai people are just the nicest people I have ever met.

Of course spending plenty of time with Jayne was great as well.

1 tip for people visiting, the Fantasea show is pretty good but don't be tricked into going early. We were told we had to leave at 5:30pm for the show and then arrived at 6pm. The show didn't start until 9pm so we were stuck in a tourist trap for 3 hours!! The show is good by the surrounding theme park is sooooo tacky. Was fun anyway.