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Are you a Lotus Notes Nomad?

Are you one of these users that wants to access Lotus Notes from everywhere? Don't like the browser interface to your Notes Apps and would much rather use a Notes client when on the road. End up lugging around your Laptop when on holidays so you can still access Notes?

Well here is a great innovation from IBM with Lotus Notes 7.0.2. Notes on a USB memory stick install . With Notes installed onto your USB memory stick you can just plug it into a computer and wammo you have Notes. When you leave that machine you take everything with you.

This would be great when travelling, in lets say Phuket Thailand. Simply get into an internet cafe at 1 Baht per minute (28 Bahts is about $1AUD), plug in your USB memory stick and off you go.

Or maybe you are travelling thru an airport, quick jump on that PC, plug in the USB stick, and off you go. Full Notes access.

This is a great innovation from IBM and I can see many of our clients making great use of it.