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Simply Inspiring - Outside the Inbox

Simply inspiring!

I have often been found talking to clients about "Get Out Of Mail Jail!". Email was definitely the killer App of the 90's. It empowered us to communicate quickly, efficiently, with many many people. However over time it has become a burdon for many of us. Receiving hundreds of emails per day, many useless, some useful, but many not effective, we have created these silos of information where knowledge is trapped in individuals emails. We have all become slaves to our email, reactionary in our work rather than being in control of how and what we work on.

Here is a person that has taken on the challenge of getting out of mail jail. A person that has realised that email is no longer the killer app or the best way to communicate and collaborate. I am incredibly impressed by Luis's realisation that he can work in a better way and educate the rest of us on how to go about it. He has truly leveraged Social Business as a new way to work and the evidence is there to see that it is a better way to work.

I feel lucky to have corresponded with Luis via social networks on a number of occasions and I congratulate him on what he has achieved. The new site Outside The Inbox is well worth spending some time viewing. I am inspired to continue to make my work more social and continue to transform our business into a social business. While email still has its place in day to day work, it is certainly not the destination!


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