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#ISWINSIGHT - Mark Anderson

For our latest #ISWINSIGHT we are introducing Mark Anderson - Business Development Manager for Tasmania.

1) What’s your name and what exactly do you do with ISW? 
My name is Mark Anderson and I am the Business Development Manager for ISW in Tasmania. I started in 2010 and I really enjoy providing technology solutions for people and as technology advances so do the possibilities for innovative solutions. I work with a team to provide applications and systems to help solve business problems and demonstrate how new application can be utilises to improve productivity and reduce inefficiencies. There is always new applications to learn as information technology advances and has become an important part of our lives both socially and professionally.   

2) What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Pigeon when I was in Hong Kong many years ago. It tastes like a mixture of duck and chicken and the beak is crunchy. I haven’t had it since and I am less adventurous to try any more weird foods. 

 3) What is the worst thing you did as a kid?
My younger brother and I accidentally set fire to the back fence of our home while lighting a fire in a barrel. The worst part about it was our dad found the fence alight and that the fire was next to our 5.3m Pride Albatross boat which was not only made of fibreglass but had extra fuel tanks onboard! It would of lit up the neighbourhood if it took hold. Thankfully we put it out in time but it was not a smart thing to do. 

4) What do you consider the greatest invention EVER!?!? 
Wine. The cultivation of wine and the storage of wine lead to the wider use and development of glass. The use of glass lead to the development of lenses and optics which lead to creation of spectacle, microscopes and telescopes. Thus, scientists and scholars could read and write past their fading eyesight and make important discoverers in the field of medicine, astronomy and physics. I support the discovery of wine when every possible. 

5) Tell an interesting fact? 
I have an airline metal teaspoon collection. I happened to collect them while I was travelling as a qwerky memento when all the cutlery on airlines was metal and I just happened to end up with about forty or so metal teaspoons from different airlines. Some airlines are no longer operating such as Pana Am, TAA, and Ansett, and some airline I have only occasional travelled on including Air China, Air Iceland and Ryanair. I am not a collector as such and wouldn’t say I have an obsession but as most of the cutlery on airlines today is plastic I just happened to have airline metal teaspoon collection. 
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